The Prison Ministry (PM)

The Shiloh Prison Ministry aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through regular visits, correspondence, and teaching courses to the seemingly forgotten, prison population.   The goal is share the love of Christ to all the inmates.  Our current mission is dedicated to restoring hope and direction to the lives of female prisoners by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through discipleship Bible Study. We are currently offering a course titled, The Disciple’s Cross at Gatesville Correctional Center.

Street Evangelistic Team (SET)

The Street Ministry aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of the church building (s) to reach people that may otherwise never be presented with the Gospel.  We are not going out to set the world straight, to condemn them, or show them how right we are. We are following Christ’s example and going into the streets with a message of LOVE and REDEMPTION so that God can draw all people to Himself.

Nursing Home Ministry (NHM)

The Nursing Home Ministry aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching back to the generations that have preceded and paved the way for us, the elderly.  We visit the nursing home monthly to bring encouragement through praise and worship and most importantly through the life changing Word of God.  We are currently serving at Crest View Nursing Home in Belton.  We consider it an honor and privilege to serve God’s elderly children.

Changing Lives Reclaiming Destiny (CLRD)

The ClrD Ministry aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reminding women that they were created in the image of God! Oftentimes, this image is distorted based on life diminishing experiences.  The ClrD mission is to reclaim the lives of women around the world by helping them to realize their God given potential; to inspire a difference in thinking that promotes purpose, power and permanent change...  (Ez 37:4-5).  

Ramathaim Productions and Publications Company (RPP)

Ramathaim Productions & Publishing Inc. is a company that aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through literary works and performing arts. An extension of Shiloh Worship Center, RPP’s mission is restoration, healing, hope, deliverance, and love.  RPP Inc. operates prophetically using various tools to convey the heart of God to His people concerning everyday life and showing that God is the ultimate solution.  We are currently working on releasing various projects:  stage plays, books, and documentaries. 

Praise in the Park (PIP)

The Praise In the Park Outreach is an annual, free event we host downtown Killeen specifically for spreading the Gospel of Jesus.  People of all ages from all neighboring cities are invited to partake in food, games, a dynamic praise and worship concert, praise dancing, miming and to see the love of Jesus in action.