Feeding A Nation (FAN)

The Feeding A Nation Ministry aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by literally feeding His sheep.  We realize that hunger does not discriminate based on color, gender, religion, or location.  Hunger affects all nationwide and internationally.  We are currently in prayer seeking the Lord for His direction to guide us in overseeing a food bank that is open not only to the local populations but also to the nation and eventually the world.

Overseas Missions (OM)

The Overseas Missions Ministry aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by, “going into all the world…” (Mark 16) and making His name known.  After much prayer and seeking the Lord, He has opened the door for our ministry to begin international travel.  If the Lord wills, we will step foot on every continent.  For now, the Lord is leading us to bring the Good News to India in 2013; Praise Jesus!

Bridge Building (BB)

Spreading the message of Jesus Christ cannot be accomplished on our own.  We aim and strive to build bridges with other ministries nationally and internationally not only to fellowship but also to see how we can all better serve the community worldwide.  We pray that God continue to move through us and others to reach all people from all nations!